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Who am I?

At first, technology was the 8th wonder of the World for me. Later it has became a safeguard, a sanctuary… It became and obsession and a hobby so I diceded to do what I like the most. Being a professional goes through lots of steps. It is like knitting. From one knot to another, I built myself and like an endless scraf, it will continue to grow till my days are over.



Web Design


UI and UX Design


PSD to HTML Coding


IT Consultig


Project Management


Administrative Consulting




IT Law


Question of the Millenia


Why do I have to do this way? Why is my computer doing this? Why is my phone is not connecting to Wi-Fi? Why is my website looks bad on mobile devices. Those questions doesn’t have an end. As far as you find a solution, there will be new ones. And sometimes you might feel like you don’t know how to ask the right question. That’s beacuse even if you reach the end, technology goes so fast there will be new questions that is waiting to be answered and you don’t know what the problem is. I wander in that event horizon and observe those problems for you, so before you ask your qestion, I will already have an answer.

One Step Ahead...

Always improving

Improvment is not just a concept. It is not a meta. Every single cell and every single atoms in it is always moving, expanding, collapsing, dying and it goes and on and on forever. I am not improving myself. I am improving the community and even may be society that I have been living in and evolving with it. My contrubutions may be look like a sand grain in Sahara but that grain has my name on it. You can shape a brick and build a home with it or may be you heat it fire and make it a glass. That’s your choice. Let’s contribute together.

I'll be there for you, 'cause you're there for me too!

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